Mission Statement

At Mulbuie Primary School, we respect each other and are honest. We aim to work and play in a safe, clean environment where everyone is valued, feels included and is listened to.  At Mulbuie, staff and pupils strive to work hard, individually and as part of a team, and welcome support from parents and other stakeholders.


Mulbuie Primary School is proud to acknowledge high standards of both attainment and achievement across the four capacities of the Curriculum for Excellence. Learning is our core purpose and the school sits at the heart of a supportive and welcoming community.

Our agreed aims can be found here.



The school is led by Head Teacher, Ms R Hammond.

Other staffing details are as follows:



P1-2:               Mrs V Carmichael and Mrs C Fraser

P3-4:               Mrs S Bilsland (Principal Teacher) and Mrs C Fraser

P5-7:               Miss C Reid



Nursery Team:  Mrs L Donaldson (EYP)

                       Mrs D Rooks (EYP)


Clerical:            Mrs F Waters

Support:          Mrs F Bain

                       Mrs G MacPherson


Canteen:          Miss M Mackay

                       Mrs P Mellis




Friday:         Miss Bennie -    PE

Tuesday:        Mrs Murray - Music




For details of holidays and opening dates, please refer to the Highland Council Website.



In 2006, Mulbuie pupils designed their own tartan, named the Golden Broom, which forms the basis of the school uniform.

Tartan can be purchased from the school office.  Sweatshirts, polo shirts and other articles embossed with the school logo can be purchased from Gilmour Sports Schoolwear Made Easy, or ordered through the school office at the end of each term.

Nursery Uniform should be ordered through the school office.

Gilmour Sports Schoolwear Made Easy: http://www.schoolwearmadeeasy.com/Schools-and-Nurseries/M/Mulbuie-Primary-School